Marty Yi

Growing up in Alaska, Marty’s passion for fly fishing came at a young age catching salmon. As a teenager Marty worked summers as a dock hand for a float plane charter business. The pilots he worked with introduced Marty fly fishing for rainbow trout in remote Alaskan locations. 

After high school Marty joined the US Military and served as a Combat Medic in the US Army. After completing his military service, Marty quickly found the Upper Delaware through a Project Healing Water Fly Fishing event.

Marty fell in love with dry fly fishing for trout on the Upper Delaware system and made the region his new home. In addition to dry flies, Marty is a diehard streamer junkie and enjoys targeting big wild trout with big subsurface flies. He’s also no stranger to swimming mice patterns under the cover of darkness waiting for the slurp of a big burley wild brown trout.