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Flies, Fly Tyers and Patterns

This section highlights some of the flies and patterns that are proven fish producers on the Delaware River and the West Branch and East Branch of the Delaware.

These are not the only flies that work, or the only ones I use, but rather just a few of the fly patterns I have found consistently fool the selective trout of the Delaware. First and foremost in catching trout is your presentation.  The wrong fly with a perfect drift still has a better chance of working than the right fly with a poor presentation.

The Delaware River System has lots of selective trout and as the season progresses, more and more clear flat water.  Some of the most popular and easiest accessed sections of river get beat on pretty good resulting in some very spooky and wary trout.  When it comes to dry flies, flush in the film flies like parachutes, comparaduns and their variants are standard cuisine. There are times when the trout are extra picky eaters. That's when it's time to go to the gourmet menu.

Most of the flies I use have one or all of a few components.  First, and this is obvious, they have to work. They have to be durable or simple to tie.  If they lean on the delicate side the fish will quickly trash them and you'll have to keep putting on a fresh one. Simple and easy to tie assures that you'll have enough stashed in your fly box to reload.  A durable fly just keeps on taking a licking requiring fewer changes. A dusting with Frog's Fanny usually puts it back in the game.  

I have found these fly patterns by Tom Rosenbauer, and Chip Drozenski to be especially effective patterns. Click on their names to find some of the dry flies and nymphs that are definitely worth carrying on the Delaware, or anywhere you fish for trout.

If you have an interest in the classic flies of the Catskills visit Classic Trout, a non-commercial site with lots of good information on the rivers and streams of the Catskills and other places in the Northeast. Here you will find the recipes, pictures and techniques of some of the most famous trout flies in the world.  In addition, you'll find excellent information on bamboo rods and other classic tackle.  Be sure to check out the biographies of some of the legends of fly fishing.