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River Conditions

Cross Current Guide Services River Conditions 


"The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming; thus it is with time."

-Leonardo DaVinci

Delaware River Water Flow Data

Water flow and water temperature information at select USGS water flow gauges for the Delaware River and tributaries. *Also included is Storage Data for the New York City Reservoirs.

Delaware River at Lordville, NY
Beaverkill at Cooks Falls, NY
Delaware River at Callicoon, NY
Neversink River at Bridgeville, NY
Delaware River at Montague, NJ 
NYC Reservoir Storage
Delaware River Temperature at Hancock, NY
East Branch At Downsville, NY
West Branch at Stilesville
East Branch at Harvard, NY
West Branch at Hale Eddy, NY
East Branch at Fishes Eddy, NY


A Guide to Wading & Floating the West and East Branch

*Keep in mind that this is just a guide and individual skill and fitness levels should be your real guide to safely wading and/or floating any river. River flows are described in cubic feet per second (cfs).

Cross Current FishThe West Branch

400-450 cfs: Almost 100% wadable. At this level drifting will mean walking the boat over some shallow areas.
600-800 cfs: At best, 60-70% of the river is wadable. The river becomes very floatable.
1000-1200 cfs: Except for the most aggressive waders, not much of the river is wadable. Fishing from a boat now becomes the best method.
1200-1500 cfs: This is the highest level you should even think about wading. Even so, the places where you could safely wade are few. Drift boat fishing is ideal.
1500+ cfs: Yikes! Don't even consider wading. Too high and too dangerous to wade. Very fishable from a drift boat.

Cross Current FishUpper East Branch

The Upper East Branch is that part of the river north of NY Route 17 (upstream from the Beaverkill).
250-500 cfs: At this level 75%-95% of the river is wadable.
600-800 cfs: On average, about 50% of the river is wadable, maybe 60-65% at the lower end of the flow range and less than 50% at the higher range.
900+ cfs: Don't wade. Too dangerous.


Cross Current FishLower East Branch

The Lower East Branch is south of NY Route 17 (downstream from the Beaverkill).
700-800 cfs: 90% wadable.
850-1000 cfs: Still wadable in most sections, but at this level the river also fishes well from a drift boat.
1200-1500 cfs: Less than 50% wadable. The river is more fishable from a boat.
1600+ cfs: Drift boat fishing. Too dangerous to wade.