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He Worked his Buns off for Us

"I've been fly fishing the Catskills since the early 60's and have never run into a succession of miserable conditions as the week just spent there this year. My fishing buddy Gary and I have been spending a week or so in the Catskills every year since the early 90's and after 3 days of hitting it hard were yet to hook up. We had heat, cold, rain and lots of wind. We decided to get a guide and pick his brain for a day. Justin Lyle to the rescue. He worked his buns off for us. He knows the river intimately, does a great job handling his drift boat and has great knowledge of what the trout want. Justin's easy going persona kept us at ease all day. With winds blowing 20-30 all day, and us wanting only to dry fly fish, Justin had his challenges. He got us numerous shots at the sporadically rising fish. He just seemed to know where to look for the subtle risers and where to position the boat that get us the best opportunity to hookup."

-Ed Weber