Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Field & Stream Magazine Names The Upper Delaware as One of the Top 5 Smallmouth Bass Rivers in the US. -July 2007

Delaware Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guides

The number one reason you should fish for smallmouth bass with us is because it's just downright fun!  

Caught on spin tackle or on a fly rod the smallmouth is, inch for inch and pound for pound, the sportiest fish in freshwater.  As soon as they're hooked a smallmouth lets off with an exciting series of runs and jumps, fighting against the rod and giving the impression that it's a far bigger fish than it is.  From the end of June to the end of October the smallmouth fishing is hot with all day action being the norm rather than the exception.

Delaware River smallmouth can get up to twenty inches or more and weigh four to five pounds, real nice river fish. Now that's not your average bass but it is nice to know they're there.  Striped bass inhabit the same water as smallmouth bass and are sometimes an added bonus.  

To fish for smallmouth bass in the Upper Delaware River call or email and set your date!  

We gladly provide premium fly fishing or spinning tackle.

There's been a lot written on the smallmouth. These books are some that I have found to be the better ones: