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Brook Bindus

Brook Bindus

Brook was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania where he followed his father’s passion for fly fishing and learned to fly-fish and tie flies at a young age. His father introduced him to the Upper Delaware River with annual weeklong camping trips and weekend stayovers fly fishing for trout, and smallmouth bass on conventional gear. Brook’s first trout on a fly rod from the Upper Delaware came in 1988 on a stonefly nymph of his own creation. From that point forward, Brook never put down his fly rod.

Brook attended college in central Pennsylvania where he experienced fishing Pennsylvania’s excellent limestone streams as well as other freestone and mountain streams. After some years working in central Pennsylvania after college, Brook’s career led him to Michigan. This provided him with expanding his knowledge of trout fishing, seasonal migratory fishing, and warm water species fishing.

Throughout his fly-fishing journey, he has fished many different rivers and lakes both nationally and internationally. He’s a well-rounded fly angler whose first love is trout fishing but also enjoys mixing it up with different species and fly-fishing styles throughout all four seasons. With over 35 years of fly-fishing experience, staying humble in the sport provides the best route for improvement as fly fishing is a lifelong journey. Regardless of where Brook has resided, he always returns to his home waters on the Upper Delaware each year.

A client who fishes with Brook can expect a day on the water to focus on fun, education, conservation, and catering to the client’s goals. He especially loves how dynamic the Upper Delaware system is and all the various opportunities it provides to beginner and seasoned fly anglers alike.