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Tim Oliphant

Tim Oliphant

Tim is a native of Muskegon Michigan where he grew up fishing with his father on the famed Lake Michigan brown trout and steelhead rivers. He became hooked on fly fishing when he was in the fourth grade when one of his teacher’s husband ran a fly tying program for the class. More years ago than Tim would care to admit, that experience started him on a life of passion in fly fishing.

Tim has been guiding fly fishing since the mid 1990’s at the urging of a fly shop owner and good friend of his. His desire to help others succeed and share his passion for fly fishing led to a rewarding career. What started as a seasonal career on the Lake Michigan tributaries for trout, steelhead and salmon, has turned into a full time undertaking since his retirement from the Michigan Dept. of Corrections.

Tim’s been guiding the Upper Delaware River since 1998 where’s he come to learn every bend, stone, and riffle in the river. An excellent teacher, his philosophy is simple, "The only stupid question is the unasked one."

A day on the water with Tim is like a day with an old friend who’s more interested in seeing you succeed than anything else. Tim’s fly rod has led him to fish throughout the US, Canada, and the Bahamas. A member of Trout Unlimited, and an avid supporter of Friends of the Upper Delaware River, Tim maintains a strong conservation ethic.